The foundation of Kinesiology is muscle monitoring, which allows the practitioner to work on a subconscious level to detect any imbalances or stress within the body, mind and psyche. The indicator muscle will hold strong or go weak to indicate stress. 

The kinesiologist will pick up imbalances in the body, whether they be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, hormonal, neurological, biochemical etc. Then using simple techniques such as bach flower essences, acupressure points, sound therapy energy healing and other powerful yet subtle techniques the kinesiologist balances the problem out.

This is an AMAZINGLY effective tool. We simply ask your subconscious what the problem is and your muscles will respond giving us the answers your looking for. Eg, what the issue is, what caused it and how to balance it.

Kinesiology can very effectively balance any issue, on any person. Man, woman, child, baby. From the very sick, to the very healthy. Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology.



2013 _ Cert IV Kinesiology - Oniell Kinesiology College

Balancing all emotional, spiritual, and physiological issues such as organ and tissue balancing, cells, DNA nerves and intro to all the systems of the body.

2014 _ Diploma of Kinesiology - Oniell Kinesiology College

Neurological - Balancing brain pathways, survival systems, motor programs, addiction balancing, learning integration, phobias.

Musculoskeletal - Balancing muscles, joints, bones, posture alignment.

Biochemical - Balancing vitamin and mineral absorption, amino acids, fluid and electrolyte, toxicity, asthma and respiratory disorders, blood pressure and heart disorders.

2015 _ Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology - Oniell Kinesiology College

Hormonal - Correcting hormonal issues such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, PMS, menopause, sleep and depression disorders, reproductive disorders, fertility treatment
Nutritional - Balancing the digestive organs, the hormones and enzymes needed for proper food digestion, bladder control for bed wetters or incontinence, kidney dysfunction, ATP production


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