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Pranic Psychotherapy is an extremely in depth and effective therapy to remove stress, and mental imbalances. Using energy, the therapist is fully trained to delve deep within the Chakras to where the emotional baggage sits. Negative thought forms and destructive emotions are easily removed resulting in a much happier and sometimes life changing outlook on life.

If you have a physical or mental ailment that you no longer need to hold in your life, Pranic Healing can work miracles for you, and you'll be mind blown at how rapidly this transformation occurs!




Pranic Psychotherapy - Institute Of Inner Studies

I completed my Pranic Psychotherapy in 2005.

Kriyashakti - Institute of Inner Studies - Institute Of Inner Studies

I completed my Kriyashakti training in 2008.

Spiritual Business Management - Institute of Inner Studies

I completed my Spiritual Business Management training in 2008.

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