G.Carmichael - February 2017
I cannot recommend Shani enough. I feel like a different person after seeing her to fix some issues I've had,. She's so caring and professional. I'm looking forward to our next session.

G.Riley- February 2017

Shani is amazing! She really helped me through so many issues of mine. I would highly recommend going to her. You have no idea how much this could help you.


H.James- February 2017

If I had known exactly what Kinesiology was before I went to see Shani, I'd never have gone. After suffering with agonising back/neck pain for three years post injury, Shani has been the only person to fix me! I'd previously visited Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and sports massage specialists to no avail. I cannot recommend Kinesiology enough, Especially with Shani as your healer. I've had many friends visit her successfully also, The list of ailments she's been able to heal is incredible! Super highly recommend Shani at the Wellness Chambers.


K.Haley- June 2016

Shani came highly recommended in our circle, and I was just as impressed with her work as everyone else. I have watched over the 2 years of knowing her heal and change lives, she truly is an angel.

M.Brookes- June 2016

Shani is an absolutely amazing person, and a gifted healer.  As well A being extremely qualified, she is naturally intuitive and ridiculously in tune with herself and those around her. She is one of a kind, and was born for this career. Simply the best!

N.Grey- June 2016

Absolutely amazing!!! 6 years of counselling had nothing on 6 weeks of Kinesiology !!! Life changer!

S.Dey- June 2016

Shani is amazingly in tune and a gifted healer of so many modalities. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is thoughtful and genuine! I have been to Shani for many reasons, emotional, spiritual and physical, and I've left every time with a new perspective . Superstar.

V.Turner- June 2016

I've used Shani a few times for various things, including Kinesiology and house clearing. I was sceptical to begin with, but was amazed to watch her at work with my open eyes. She has fixed energy lines in two of my houses and the change was amazing. Nothing has ever been to much trouble  and she is so passionate about her craft. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

M.Spangler - June 2016

Absolutely amazing!!! Don't know where I would be without Shani's help! One of the most genuine people I have ever met, can never thank her enough.

L.Miller - June 2016

Shani has changed my life, after a 10 year friendship I had pushed everyone close to me away and she is one of few who always believed in me. Friendship aside, her treatments have helped to pull me out of one of the darkest holes I've ever been in. She is so professional and every time I lay on her clinic table my life inclines. I love her and i'm so incredibly grateful for the impact she's had on my life.

B.Dee - May 2016

Genius! I can not believe how amazing and clear minded I feel after just one session. Words can not even start to explain how thankful I am.

C.Randall - May 2016

Truly amazing treatment and service! Words cannot describe how good you feel afterwards.

E.Charman - May 2016

Very professional and amazing at what she does. I'm feeling very calm and balanced now after my visit and will definitely be recommending her.

M.Prescott - May 2016
My miracle lady, I recommend her to everyone with full belief she can help heal.

E.Devine - May 2016
Such an awesome experience, If you go with an open mind and an open heard you're sure to receive great benefits.

C.Hughes - July 2015

Shani you are amazing! i love how you mix things up using different styles of healing. You are so accurate with your diagnosis . Tyler and i have benefit so much  from your Kinesiology  treatments , you truly are a gifted healer. 

J.Jax - June 2016

i contacted this healer after hearing amazing reviews. Shani  helped me overcome and let go of personal issues  in which even Psychologists haven't been able to  help with.  Shani is very  professional  and i could not recommend her more! 

J.Blann-Godwin - February 2017

Shani has amazing healing  hands, she has  helped me through  one of the hardest times of my life,  She gave me light on my dark times and her energy is like no other. i would highly recommend  her to nanyone.

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